Flying bicycle lets you jump over all those pesky commuters

Cycling to work has become increasingly popular in congested urban centers, but that can lead to you having to battle it out, handlebar to handlebar, with other riders. The Paravelo flying bicycle lets you avoid that mess, by taking to the skies and jumping over the traffic.

Looking a bit like a mashup between a paraglider and a bicycle, the Paravelo uses an electric motor to drive its fan, providing up to three hours of flight on a single charge. Take off requires only 15 mph, and once you're up in the air, Paravelo manufacturer ExploreAir claims that you can hit 25 mph and 4,000 feet. Personally, I find the thought of being close to a mile off the ground on a bicycle pretty frightening.

Once you land, you can unfold the Paravelo's built in tent to do a little flamping (fly/camping). The bicycle part even detaches from the trailer mounted motor and fan, so it can be ridden normally once you've set up camp.

ExploreAir is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. No date has been set for production to start, but they do have several packages that let you get your foot in the door.

Check out the video to see the Paravelo prototype in action.

Paravelo (Kickstarter), via Treehugger

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