Check out this awesome bullet-time fireworks show

Nothing quite says "Happy Fourth of July" (for us American folks) like a good fireworks display. One videographer recently rigged up his GoPro, along with a ceiling fan, to give our nation a very cool birthday present — 360 degrees of slow-motion bombs bursting in mid-air.

The guy's name is Jeremiah Warren, and the brilliance of his video is in its relative simplicity. Instead of the hundreds of cameras and massive green screen utilized in The Matrix, his rig is a simple 240 FPS GoPro camera and about 75 bucks worth of supplies — including the aforementioned ceiling fan.

There's even a DIY video here if you'd like to replicate Warren's rig. But before you start gathering up the spare two-by-fours and wiring, throw a burger on the grill, grab a cold one and watch the fireworks — sci-fi style.

Jeremiah Warren, via Youtube

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