Smartwatch lets you control it using simple gestures

Credit: Hot Watch

We've seen the clever combination of Google Glass and the Tesla. And we've witnessed the amazing combination of the Occulus Rift with a flying drone. But in terms of practicality, not all mashups offer the best mileage per astounding feature. However, a new combination of gesture control and the emerging space of smartwatches just might deliver a truly practical innovation combination.

The Hot Watch smartwatch is a device that allows you to control some of its functions via simple gesture controls. With just a wave of the hand, the smartwatch allows the user to answer a call, reject a call, or dial a favorite number. There's also a function that automatically dials an emergency number if the wearer suddenly falls down. In addition to calling functions, the Hot Watch also supports apps for SMS messaging, as well as weather, stock, pedometer, and social networking.

Another ingenious feature is the private call feature, which uses a directional speaker to reflect a call's sound from the palm of your hand. With the ability to connect via Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android phone, the water resistant device also comes with an e-ink display that accepts swipe and tap inputs.

The final retail version of the device will cost $169 for those not pledging early support on the company's Kickstarter campaign, and estimated delivery time will be this December. As of this writing, the Kickstarter already has over $58,000 in funding towards its $150,000 goal. And the campaign still has 37 days to go. Only time will tell if this idea will pan out or end up like the Pebble.

Via Kickstarter

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