Report: U.K. Govt. planning ban on Google Glass for drivers

The reported 2014 mainstream launch date for Google Glass can't come soon enough for many fans of the device, as early adopters continue to show off new and innovative ways to use it. When the wearable computer makes it to British consumers, however, they'll have one fairly major new rule to contend with: the inability to use Glass while driving.

According to a report from U.K.-based tech site Stuff, the British government intends to outlaw the use of Glass for drivers. In a statement made to the website, a spokesperson for the Department for Transport (DfT) said:

"We are aware of the impending rollout of Google Glass and are in discussion with the Police to ensure that individuals do not use this technology while driving. It is important that drivers give their full attention to the road when they are behind the wheel and do not behave in a way that stops them from observing what is happening on the road."

And while Google hasn't even announced future plans to introduce the device in Europe, the eventual arrival of Glass in the U.K. could be significantly hampered if the DfT moves forward with an official law banning the device's use while driving.

The move is not unprecedented as earlier this year West Virginia proposed its own ban on driving while using the device. That move is likely to be replicated in other U.S. states now that the AAA has released a report citing the dangers of using such devices while driving.


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