This dude is 3D printing his dream car from his desktop

Credit: Replica DB4

When you were young, chances are at least once in your life a car pulled up beside your mom's that simply took your breath away. For programmer turned 3D printing enthusiast Ivan Sentch, the dream of tooling around in a beautiful luxury car is coming closer and closer to reality — one four-inch square of plastic at at time.

The car Sentch has chosen is a classic Aston Martin DB4, a cousin of the classic James Bond DB5. The main difference between the two cars: a back seat for the kids. Every morning Sentch gets up, starts 3D printing a piece of his dream car on his desktop 3D printer and then heads off to work — the same sort of thing happening in reverse as he gets ready for bed.

This has been going on since last December. Now that July has come and gone, Sentch printing night and day with religious zeal, the Aston Martin's frame is visibly taking shape — but there's been a snag. With 72 percent of the frame printed, sanded and (mostly) assembled, Ivan Sentch is moving. More than that, he's moving into a house that isn't built yet. The builder bug is strong with this one.

With such a massive roadblock in the way, only time will tell if the 3D printed car is to become an epic labor of love or a fantastic boondoggle. But hope springs eternal, and as the 3D printed Aston Martin isn't the first car Sentch has built, we're in his court. We'll have to check back in with him in a few months to see how all this plays out. For now, take a gander at the images of the 3D printed "Aston Martin that could be" below.

Solidoodler, via Engadget

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