Video: Star Trek's Galileo shuttlecraft finally comes home

Credit: MSNBC

It's been a long road for the shuttlecraft Galileo — one fraught with dangers both fictional and real. By the mid '90s, the original set piece that was Captain Kirk's shuttle had fallen into terrible disrepair. Its future looked bleak. But now, thanks to die-hard fans and craftsmen, Galileo is back on its engines and in tip-top shape.

Fan and restorer Adam Schneider purchased the beleaguered shuttlecraft sight unseen at auction for only $7,000. Since then, he's undoubtedly shoveled much more than that into Galileo's refurbishment. But the results speak for themselves: the completed shuttlecraft is a picture-perfect reconstruction of its former self — one which fans will get to see close up forevermore.

Tomorrow, Galileo will embark upon what (so far) looks to be the final leg of its journey — permanent display at Space Center Houston. To see the process that brought Galileo back from the brink of destruction, check out the video below, and for more details, head over to for their full coverage. It's well worth the time if you're a true Trek fan.


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