Razer gives world's best-selling MMO gaming mouse an overhaul

Very few gaming mice stand the test of time. The Razer Naga, a gaming mouse released over five years ago is one of those that we still use today. (Heck, we still know people who are rocking Diamondbacks.) Built for MMOs, the Razer Naga's signature 12-button layout helped bring up an entire generation of gaming geeks in World of Warcraft.

Razer's gone and completely revamped the Naga to keep up with the modern times. If you look closely you'll see a little bit of the Taipan and Ouroboros design DNA in the new Naga. The 12 buttons are now mechanical switches (yeah man!) and instead of bulging out they're subtly convex, which should mean more comfort during long gaming sessions.

Additionally, the scroll wheel moves left and right, not just up and down — something that takes a little getting used to, but is an very sweet inclusion.

All of the usual Razer tech made it into the new Naga, including the super-fast 8200 dpi 4G laser, Synapse 2.0 mouse configurator, ARM 32-bit processor, and the iconic green LED glow.

True, the old naga had a more organic feel and look, but the new Naga is worth splurging $80 on just for the new mechanical side buttons alone. If you're a big MMO gamer, this is great mouse. Heck, you can still sell the old Naga and get a decent price on eBay to help fund a new one. And just because Razer can (even if it's at a loss), it has a left-handed edition for the same price. Hurray for lefties.

Via Razer

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