This little trailer is a backup charger for your Electric Vehicle

Credit: EP Tender

Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers are a hardy bunch. For their low-carbon footprint, they've sacrificed a whole lot of the freedom of the open road which is embedded in modern society. Restricted by their vehicle's range, these folks have to do a fair amount of calculating when it comes to visiting out-of-town friends — that is, unless they're willing to add a few hours to their trip for recharging at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.

But the plight of the EV owner may now be at an end. Long before Elon Musk completes his grid of battery-swap Tesla stations, this little trailer could free EVs from the plug. Called the EP Tender, the trailer is essentially a generator on wheels. A cable, running from the EP Tender to the car, detects any "low-battery" warnings the EV might give off. Once a warning is detected, the generator switches on and feeds electricity to the starving batteries.

The generator inside the EP Tender is capable of putting out 22kW of energy while traveling at 80 mph. That's enough juice to extend the range of some EVs by as much as 360 miles. Certainly a lifeline, the system does however bring up an interesting conundrum for those who own EVs. After having chosen a vehicle which emits zero carbon emissions, they will have to knowingly strap a generator onto the back of it to extend their range. With separate models designed for EV motorcycles and hybrids as well, the folks behind EP Tender are betting that most drivers will opt for range over emissions — at least once in a while.

EP Tender, via Gizmag

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