'Talking Window' pumps ads to sleeping commuters

Anyone who has ever commuted to work for any length of time knows that the time spent in transit can often represent a slice of time to sleep, read a book, and generally decompress. But one European company has apparently decided that this tranquil time of reflection is simply an underleveraged advertising opportunity ripe for exploitation through technology.

Developed by Audiva, the Talking Window is a new advertising experiment from Germany's BBDO for pay television company Sky Deutschland that pumps promotional messages to commuters resting their heads on the glass of a train car. Nevermind that the passenger might be enjoying some much needed shut-eye, these advertisements use bone conducting technology to stream auditory messages to anyone foolish or tired enough to rest their head on the train's window.

Using a small transmitter box, Sky Deutschland is able to stream high frequency vibrations onto the glass that include any audio message the company decides to send. Perhaps most interestingly, Sky doesn't seem to acknowledge the very obvious annoyance experienced by the Germany-based riders shown in the demonstration video, as most who hear the messages appear genuinely upset rather than amazed by the technological feat.

You can check out the entire Talking Window demonstration in the video below.


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