Personalize this tiny spacecraft and send it to the moon

Now that the private sector has its mitts in the space exploration arena, a number of pet interests are bound to crop up. And one company wants to cater to yours.

Appropriately entitled Pocket Spacecraft, the company has developed a miniature, disc-shaped space-faring craft. The disc is something that they plan to create en-masse, allow you to customize them and then shoot them off the moon aboard a cubesat 'mothership.' It's their way of effectively allowing each of us to explore a little part of the solar system with our own tiny craft.

Once aloft, you'll be able to check in with your spacecraft via a smartphone app. From your phone you'll be able to see where your spacecraft is in space. your spacecraft's mission to the moon is planned to take from six months to a year, so you'll have plenty of time to check in during the voyage.

When the mothership reaches the moon, it will deploy the thousands of personal spacecraft which will eventually find their individual resting places on the lunar surface. All in all, the experience will be a lengthy, unique way to participate in space travel. One which you might assume comes with quite the hefty price tag.

But with thousands of planned spacecraft sharing the cost, the cost to the individual is remarkably low. For around 300 dollars, you'll be able to send not only a spacecraft to the moon, but have a second craft jettisoned while orbiting Earth. That's two spacecraft for less than the cost of a Playstation 4. If that sounds like a bargain to you, head on over to Pocket Spacecraft's Kickstarter page here and start dreaming up how your very own spacecraft will look and function. To learn more about Pocket Spacecraft, you can view their project launch video below.

Via Kickstarter

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