Art Lebedev imagines new modular traffic light design

Art Lebedev Studio isn't new to designing traffic lights. In fact, we wrote about a square traffic signal prototype unveiled by the design studio back in 2008. It really is curious that traffic lights haven't had much of a makeover when you consider all of the innovative things folks have been doing with lighting lately.

One progressive city in Turkey is turning this around, though. The municipality of Kayseri, Turkey asked Art Lebedev Studio to design a contemporary traffic signal that fits in better with the city's urban vibe. It's smaller, much easier to move around and it clearly displays the words "stop," "go," and "caution" in addition to the color indicators to give drivers a little extra help.

The signals are made out of LED clusters and the entire thing is a solid cast piece, so it's less expensive to make and easier to install and maintain.

Art Lebedev Studio, via Yanko Design

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