Records made from ashes turn your dead relatives into sweet music

Credit: And Vinyly

When we die, normally our friends and loved ones are left with just a few photographs and videos to remember us by. That's great, but what if you could actually leave a physical part of yourself behind to provide a real tangible reminder of your existence? That's the idea behind And Vinyly (get it?), a British company that will take your ashes and press them into custom records that those left behind can play on their stereos.

And Vinyly offers several package deals, starting with a basic run of 30 LPs at around $4,600. After cremation, the ashes are sent to a record pressing plant, where they get mixed into the vinyl pellets used to press the discs. Hopefully, the plant then cleans out the presses thoroughly before making any of their regular, less morbid pressings.

Apparently, the biggest problem customers have run into is deciding which musical selections they want to be immortalized as. Company founder Jack Leach says that one customer was a club DJ who just wanted to get a few more spins at his favorite club. For himself, Leach says that he'll probably go with a blank reocrd, so people can hear the extra crackles and swishing sounds that his ashes make where it's mixed into the vinyl. Personally, I'd go with some morbid hit like the Jimmy Cross classic "I Want My Baby Back."

And Vinyly, via Raw Story

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