Nokia releases augmented reality job search

Credit: Nokia

Augmented reality has served a few purposes, such as giving us Japanese pop singers in boxes. Nokia decided it might have a more useful purpose, so on Friday the company launched an augmented reality job search app called JobLens.

The Windows 8 app could be the future of job hunting. Instead of simply offering a list of jobs, as most of us are used to, JobLens uses augmented reality to display jobs over a map, showing exactly where the offices are in relation to your home.

It also dives into your social media to see if any of your friends are connected with a hiring manager at any available jobs. Finally, it allows for easy resume sharing and even directions to any interviews to which you might be invited. 

In some ways, this seems insanely intrusive while being oddly helpful. As a potential employee, the whole having-Facebook-find-connections-with-hiring-managers thing seems helpful, but for an employer, it might be a little much.

Either way, this thing exists. Use it at your own discretion.

Via The Telegraph

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