NVIDIA's next-gen mobile graphics will knock your socks off

Credit: NVIDIA

NVIDIA's no stranger to developing mobile GPUs for smartphones and tablets that are capable of producing graphics they normally shouldn't be able to do. Thanks to its Tegra 3 system on a chip that combines a mobile processor, GPU and memory into one architecture, NVIDIA's been able to stay ahead of the mobile pack. All of that is about to change — for the better. Mobile games are about to get even prettier.

Meet Project Logan, a new mobile GPU based off NVIDIA's powerful Kepler GPUs built for PCs and workstations. NVIDIA says on its official blog that it optimized Kepler with a "new low-power inter-unit interconnect" that allows Project Logan to maintain most of the original GPU processing core power while using one-third of the power of GPUs found in tablets such as the fourth-gen iPad.

You can get the lowdown on all the new rendering, tessellation, anti-aliasing, and physics simulations over on NVIDIA's blog if you're interested. But we'll assume most of you reading aren't of the developer kind and just skip to the visual goods.

In the video demo below, you'll see NVIDIA's "Ira" demo running on Project Logan. According to the company, that's the same demo that required a $1,000+ GeForce GTX Titan GPU to run just a year ago. Keep in mind it's not the full-on Titan treatment, but it comes damned close.

Here's one more video of Project Logan running NVIDIA's "Island" demo:

Mind blown. Kaboom.


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