Construction on world's tallest building reportedly halted

Credit: Broad Group

Last year, news broke about China's bid to construct the world's tallest building. Its name for the structure, Sky City, sounded a lot like something Lando Calrissian might invest in. But now, those who gambled on Sky City's completion have their first cause for worry.

Details are sketchy, but unnamed, apparently relevant Chinese officials have decided that Sky City, er, hasn't filled out the proper paperwork to begin construction. Now, if you were planning to build the world's tallest structure, you might think that you'd make sure to get all the proper permits ahead of time. And Broad Group, the force behind Sky City states that they indeed have completed every such form.

Clearly, somebody around here isn't quite telling the whole truth. But a delay in the construction of Sky City might not be the worst thing in the world. A prefab building that is hoped to reach its full height of 2,749 feet after only four months of construction has plenty of risk involved in its creation.

One clue as to who suddenly came up with this whole "unsigned paperwork" excuse comes fromThe People's Daily, the Chinese government's in-house newspaper. In a recent "tweet" on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter equivalent, The People's Daily stated that the Sky City project was a "blind worship for ultrahigh skyscrapers."

That complaint is, apparently, enough for the powers that be to get their grubby little mitts into the construction pie — as it were. We can only watch from across the seas, fingers crossed, that the world's next tallest structure hasn't been derailed before it even had a chance to get a single foot into the air.


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