Concept design shows what future Google Glass might look like

Tech pundits and government officials alike have spent a lot of time analyzing Google Glass, despite the fact that the vast majority of us have never even touched the device. And now, as the early adopters can easily be spotted due to the device's distinctive design, some have openly admitted that they avoid wearing the device in public in major cities. Based on reports, the reluctance by some to wear the device in public stems from everything from not wanting to be constantly asked by strangers to try it on, to simply not wanting to look like a fashion victim.

But the current version of Glass is, as the company keeps reminding us, just an early version of what will eventually be a much different product, particularly if the product becomes a mainstream hit. Now a team of designers from San Francisco-based startup Sourcebits has decided to peer into the future and give us a sense of what a future version of Google Glass might look like.

The stripped down design gives Glass a decidedly hipster makeover, essentially burying the technology in the arm and the lenses of the glasses so that only a careful observer would actually detect that you are wearing a computer on your face. With the battery indicator embedded in the arm and the computer display made a part of the overall lens, the concept design is striking in its simplicity.

Most interestingly, the concept designs offer perhaps the best vision of what the reported Google partnership with fashion glasses maker Warby Parker might look like in years to come. You can take a look at one possible future for Glass in the gallery below.

Via Designboom

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