Apple patent shows off location-aware smart battery

While fans, and seemingly the entire electronics industry, await the arrival of Apple's next breakthrough technology, most recently rumored to be a smartwatch, the company is still hard at work on future innovations. One idea cooking in the company's Cupertino labs has just been revealed via a patent filing that addresses battery power management.

The patent, titled "Power Management for Electronic Devices", describes a new kind of battery that would actually modify its power distribution based on the user's location. Apple's description of the key feature states that the device's processor would estimate how long the device will need until it reaches a fixed charging station by "analyzing a current location of the mobile electronic device in comparison to a known charging location of the mobile electronic device."

In addition to location information, the smart battery would also monitor the specific usage patterns engaged by the owner to increase the accuracy of its estimates. The dynamic would effectively give the user a kind of smart battery that would mostly eliminate the need to constantly peek at your device's battery charge indicator throughout the day.

As with all patents, particularly from Apple, there's no telling when this cool feature will pop up and in what device, if ever, but the idea itself is already something many of us would enthusiastically welcome.

Via AppleInsider

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