App of the Day: Tile helps you find stuff you lose

Here's something we could all probably use at one time or another — it's an app for finding lost items. It's called Tile and the Kickstarter campaign was 13406% backed the last time we checked. The original campaign goal was just $20,000 and they've earned over $2,500,000.

Tile is iOS compatible and it pairs up nicely with a cute little tile that can be easily attached to things we commonly misplace, like keys and wallets. Then, the app helps you track down that missing thing you accidentally shoved in the fridge in your haste to get to work in the morning. You might be thinking, "What if I lose my phone or tablet, Tile?" It's okay, you can also use a friend's phone to locate those keys.

The Kickstarter campaign did end earlier today, but you can check Tile if you're interested in getting one or several.

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Tile, via YouTube

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