Now you can fund a lab-quality measurement tool on Kickstarter

Red Pitaya is a sensor system that can measure stuff. Lots of stuff and the quality is fantastic. It can work as an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, a waveform generator, a frequency response analyzer and a PID controller. So for a fraction of the price, you can back something that's usually reserved for labs and university settings. The Red Pitaya Kickstarter campaign just began today and it already has 54 backers who have pledged nearly $15,000 of the $50,000 funding goal.

It's pretty clear that there's a niche market for this type of thing — it's not going to be for everyone, but I bet they'll far exceed their original $50,000 goal. I mean, how cool is it that you could get a lab-quality measurement tool for just $299? If you fancy yourself something of a science buff, but don't have access to the tools, well, here's your chance to mess around with an oscilloscope on your iPhone, tablet or PC.

The Slovenia-based team who came up with Red Pitaya are also working on Bazaar, an open source app store where folks can snag programs to use with their sensor. The sensor itself has a dual-core ARM cortex and is based off of the Linux operating system, allowing for various levels of customization.

They want to give anyone who's interested the opportunity to work with highly specialized tech:

"We believe in giving power to the individual to conduct his own education, discover his own inspiration, set-up his own environment, and share his ideas with whoever is interested. We also believe that this enables a community of developers, whose creativity results in original and better instruments."

The team believes that their sensor would be great for DIY enthusiasts, students, educators, amateur radio operators, start-ups, research institutions and people already working in the industry. Sounds good to us.

Kickstarter, via Tech Crunch

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