Both Samsung and LG's curved OLED TVs to cost a whopping $15,000

They aren't 4K "Ultra High Definition" resolution TVs, but darn it, LG and Samsung's curved OLED TVs that debuted at CES in January sure are pretty. Coincidentally, both Korean electronics companies announced its respective curved OLED TVs will be launching in the U.S. in the next few weeks, and each of them will be priced at $14,999.

Both curved OLED TVs are the first of their kind and come in one size: 55-inch. Samsung's KN55S9 includes a special "Timeless Arena" frame, whereas LG's 55EA9800 doesn't come with any kind of unique stand. That said, Samsung's curved tele is heavier than LG's: 60 pounds (without stand) versus 38 pounds.

As stated before, the curved OLED TVs don't output in 4K resolution, which is a big letdown considering 4KTVs are expected to become the norm over the next few years. And for the kind of money both companies are charging, you'd expect TVs as futuristic as these to be futureproof. Guess neither company got the memo. We suppose 1080p and 3D will have to do.

According to PDF documentation from ValueElectronics discovered by CNET, curved OLED TVs have the advantage of providing better viewing angles:

"Some of the benefits of a gently curved OLED screen are the natural way we see with our peripheral vision. We see much wider than we do vertically and by slightly wrapping the display inward the viewers will enjoy a more natural match to our peripheral angle of view. The image slightly wraps around enabling us to see a much larger percentage of the viewer's eld of vision."

Having seen both displays with my own eyes at CES, I can attest that curved displays definitely have a "pull" factor to them. ValueElectronics' PDF also suggests the best seating distance for viewing curved OLED TVs is from a distance of 6-10 feet away.

It's worth keeping in mind that both of these TVs are niche products aimed at those with huge wads of cash to spend, so don't expect them to come down to affordable prices anytime soon.


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