Researchers create pee-powered cellphone

Researchers from the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol are seeking funding for their brainchild, a phone powered by urine. Yep, there's a Samsung cellphone out there in the world that's completely pee-powered.

Dr. Ioannis Ieropoulos at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory is one of the scientists on this team. He specializes in using microbial fuel cells (MFCs) to produce electricty from, uh, unexpected things. And he found a way to harness power from urine — that's a first.

In a statement Ieropoulos said, "Using the ultimate waste product as a source of power to produce electricity is about as eco as it gets." He imagines a world where we use urine not only to power our phones, but our homes as well, from lighting to showers.

Watch as Ieropoulos walks us through the process in the video below. Try your best to not be too grossed out.

YouTube and PC Mag, via Android Community

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