Bluetooth smartwatch concept vibrates to become a virtual compass

Despite the slew of new glasses-style computing devices, in recent months it has become pretty obvious that the short-term future of wearable tech will be dominated by wrist devices. And while we wait for rumored devices from Apple, Samsung, and even Google to emerge from speculation into reality, a number of upstart companies have rushed to fill the temporary void in the area.

To that end, a new device called Navigo has been introduced as a way to harness the power of your smartphone's mapping and GPS capabilities. Connected to your smartphone's mapping app via Bluetooth, the device vibrates to point you in the right direction as you travel along your pre-selected route. Based on the design presentation, those vibrations appear to be accompanied by an LED readout of arrows that point in the direction of the vibrating prompt

The vibration feature also works as a proximity alert, telling the wearing when they are getting close to a pre-selected destination. And, just in case you actually need to know the time, yes, it also functions as a regular watch. At present, the device is primarily presented as a design concept, but the developers are looking for feedback regarding the device's features and overall viability on the presentation website. You can see more of the Navigo in the gallery below.


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