You'll soon be able to tag photos with your vitals signs

Credit: NPR

Have you ever taken a picture and thought, “Man, this is great, but it’d definitely be a whole lot better if it somehow included my blood pressure and temperature?” Well, apparently, someone has, because Sony is filing a patent to solve that very problem (the problem of not being able to do this).

The device would be a sensor attached to a mobile device’s camera, and it would take all vital stats: temperature, pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate, etc. Then, it would store it in alongside traditionally saved photo info, like date and time.

Of course, the idea isn’t to share your blood pressure with all your friends. Instead, it could be useful in a medical capacity. In one click, you could have all your vital signs saved on a mobile device. Additionally, you’d have a pretty good idea of how they changed over time, if you took enough photos. The real question is why attach it to photos?

Maybe it’s not the sexiest of inventions, but it does seem to have its place. And, anyway, you know there’s going to be people tweeting their blood pressures. That’s a world I’d like to live in.

Then again, maybe I already do. After all, you can take your blood pressure via iPhone.


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