Smartwatch phone concept is a futuristic fashion accessory

91 Mobiles designed the Nokia Lumia 1080 phone concept based on #MyDreamNokia tweets. This bendy concept can be worn on the wrist like a watch, or wrapped around bike handlebars or stationary exercise equipment. Aside from its flexibility, this concept looks a lot like existing Nokia products at first glance. The location and design of the buttons and ports remain mostly unchanged.

The Nokia Lumia 1080 has a 5 inch OLED screen, 1080p resolution (hence the name) a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM. It offers either 32GB or 64GB of storage, a 13 MP PureView camera with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, near field communicaiton (NFC), and a 2500 mAh battery.

Whether you like this thing depends on whether or not you'd want to wear your phone on your body like a fashion accessory, but since it doesn't actually exist yet, worrying about how you'll have to restructure your wardrobe around it might be a bit premature.

Via Yanko Design

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