Odor camera traps scents for you to enjoy later

Amy Radcliffe and Helene Combal-Weiss were inspired by fragrance chemist Roman Kaiser to create 'Madeline,' an analog odor camera. It works kind of like a 35mm camera, but instead of taking pictures, it records smells. It's just a different way to unlock memories and make us nostalgic — our sense of smell is pretty underrated, after all.

Here's how it works: grab something with a nice smell and place Madeline's glass cover over it. Then, a pump pulls air from the glass case into an odor trap where a sample of the smell's molecular data is carefully sealed. You mail the odor trap to a lab and a "bespoke smell memory capsule" will be sent back in return.

Check out the video to see this 'smell camera' capturing the scent of some indeterminate green-brown object. What is that? Anyone?

Vimeo, via Design Boom

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