See where the Tesla Model S is born

The Tesla Model S is a revolutionary car, so it's not terribly surprising that the production process is just as innovative. There may be 3,000 humans working at the manufacturing facility, but there are also 160 badass multi-tasking robots busy applying paint, installing seats and windshields, and much more.

Tesla's VP of Manufacturing, Gilbert Passin, says, "we are utilizing automation to the fullest. We have a variety of robots from the tiny little ones to huge ones that are able to move the entire body itself." It's true, the video shows robots lifting everything from 20,000-pound coils of aluminum to small tools for detailed body work. And while automation isn't new to the car manufacturing industry, the Tesla process does seem especially efficient.

Passin adds, "we want to push the boundaries of what can be done by robots versus humans."

YouTube, via The Verge

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