Lego 3D printer builds models from your toys

Like flying dragon drones at Disneyland and real working Tron lightcycles, some ideas are just so cool that they're practically inevitable. That's why it should now come as no surprise that someone has actually managed to construct what may be the most meta-Maker-thing ever: the world's first Lego 3D printer.

The colorful device has been dubbed the LEGObot by its creator Matthew Krueger, an engineering student who, after realizing he didn't have a few thousand dollars to spend on a commercial 3D printer, says he spent a year developing this device from scratch. The LEGObot is almost completely made from of Lego blocks, yet works as a fully functioning 3D printer. It doesn't cheat by simply offering a façade of Lego bricks: it's truly a Lego-built machine. 

Krueger based his design on the first version of the Makerbot, and while it does print 3D objects, the actual functionality of the device is still limited at this point compared to commercial alternatives. For example, the device prints objects using hot glue, and each movement must be manually programmed. But still, in terms of pure geek cred and broke-student-ingenuity, this man's work is done, for life.

If you're interested in building your own Lego 3D printer, Krueger has posted the instructions online, and you can see the LEGObot in action the video below. 

Via Gizmag

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