Gallery: 3D printed sugar sculptures

Liz and Kyle von Hasseln are a creative couple who both have backgrounds in architecture. One day they decided to make a birthday cake for their friend Chelsea. Since they didn't have an oven at the time, they opted to 3D print a cake. After a lot of trial and error, they ended up with The Sugar Lab.

The Sugar Lab is a Los Angeles-based company that 3D prints geometric, architecturally-inspired sugar sculptures that are both gorgeous decorative objects to top cakes or other desserts, and edible sugary treats. You can't go wrong with that.

Here's a bit about The Sugar Lab in their own words:

The Sugar Lab is a micro-design firm for custom 3D printed sugar. With our background in architecture and our penchant for complex geometry, we're bringing 3D printing technology to the genre of mega-cool cakes. 3D printing represents a paradigm shift for confections, transforming sugar into a dimensional, structural medium. It makes it possible to design, digitally model and print an utterly original sugar sculpture on top of a cake. All of our projects are custom. The design process begins from scratch, when we hear from you.

We now have 3D printed models of unborn babies, 3D printed cake toppers made out of sugar, and a ton of other wacky 3D creations — keep 'em coming.

The Sugar Lab, via Ignant

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