Step into your drone's cockpit with an Oculus Rift

A lot of people (including us here at DVICE) are stoked about the VR gaming possibilities that the Oculus Rift headset will offer to the masses. And for good reason: the Oculus Rift just might redefine what it is to play games in first person view. But immersive, first person control doesn't have to be limited to just virtual reality. Erik Torkel Danielsson, co-founder of Intuitive Aerial, hooked up his shiny new Oculus Rift to one of his company's drones and took himself on a test flight.

To do this, Danielsson had to do a bit of inventive jerry-rigging. The drone he utilized was a hexacopter with a relatively decent payload capacity — which is good, considering that he then stuck a pair of cameras and a laptop in a wooden box to the drone's belly. The laptop communicated with an Earth-bound computer via WiFi which then sent the video stream to the Oculus Rift headset. A little bit of lag went along for the ride, but all in all it looks like the flight was a resounding success. Let's cross our fingers in hopes for a consumer version of this system to hit the shelves soon, and make sure to check out the view from Danielsson's drone in the video below.

Youtube, via Engadget

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