Rumor: Apple could be getting serious about motion capture tech

Credit: Idownloadblog

Tel-Aviv, Israel: an arriving flight from the US touches down. Out from the plane pop a number of snappily-dressed business types from Silicon Valley. A driver picks up the business-types and they vanish together into the winding streets of the city. There, in this far-flung locale some serious corporate dealing is going down. It's no black-tie spy thriller: if reports from Israel are to be believed, Apple was in town to begin negotiations on the purchase of a company called PrimeSense.

PrimeSense, as it happens, builds 3D motion control chips. Now, what Apple wants with motion control is up to debate. The company hasn't exactly waded into the 3D imaging arena in any big way yet — but that might be about to change. You see, the chips which PrimeSense manufactures aren't just any 3D motion capture tech. They're the pulsing heart of Microsoft's first generation Kinect sensor.

Apple is reportedly offering somewhere in the neighborhood of $280 million to purchase PrimeSense outright. This could mean that Apple is once again taking up the quest to conquer its long-term rival. It could also mean that Apple is working on a new 3D motion controlled line of devices, maybe even the long-rumored Apple TV. If the purchase of PrimeSense goes through, it might mean all of the above.

Reuters, via GigaOM

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