A wearable computer just for your pup

Spurred on by innovations like Google Glass or the Pebble watch, developers are hard at work on new ideas for wearable tech. How about this video that Samsung recently presented at the MobileBeat conference? Or this Nokia smartwatch concept? Or the clip-on air filter that was unveiled at the Electrolux Design Lab 2013? Researchers are even coming up with ideas for pets, like this smart dog collar that monitors your pup's health. Melody Jackson, Thad Starner and Clint Zeagler from the Georgia Institute of Technology are also working on something for dogs. It's called “Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations,” or FIDO for short.

FIDO is a system designed to improve human-animal communication via "a sensor on their vest or collar to transmit a verbal command the handler can hear through an earpiece or see on a head-mounted display." It's specifically for pooches with jobs, like bomb-sniffing dogs or dogs assisting people with disabilities — although non-service dogs could surely be trained to use the sensors when they're hungry or need to go outside.

Via Technology Review

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