QR-coded 'smart diapers' track your baby's health via app

There have been a lot of fascinating medical tech innovations in recent months. We've seen wearable wrist sensors that track health stats for humans — and a collar version for dogs, antimicrobial phones to keep your hands and mobile clean, and so much more. Now, a couple with a young daughter have developed something they call Smart Diapers.

Jennie Rubinshteyn and Yaroslav Faybishenko were curious about all of the medical information in their kid's pee, so they added a scannable dry-reagent panel to a diaper and voilà! Just like a QR code, parents can scan the diaper panel once a day using the Smart Diapers iOS and Android app. The data is then stored on the app and can help diagnose urinary tract infections and a host of other things. The phone will alert parents if something seems "off" and they can use that warning to speak with a medical professional.

Smart Diapers are still in the testing stage at pediatric hospitals, but if they do hit production, they are expected to cost 30-40 percent more than a standard diaper. Would you pay more for this pee-monitoring technology?

Via ABC News

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