Ushering in the age of the living city

In so many ways, the city is a living organism. Vibrant and alive, full of people from differing backgrounds, it is constantly changing. But as alive as a city might seem, it generally doesn’t have the ability to talk to you. Until now.

Hello Lamp Post is a city-wide experiment that aims to change the way we view the city. Set in England’s Bristol, it describes itself as an “experimental, city-wide platform for play.”

Here’s how it works: many items (such as lamp posts) throughout a city have a unique reference code. Generally, these are used for maintenance identification purposes, but Hello Lamp Post reappropriates them.

Through Hello Lamp Post, these items can be “woken up.” Just shoot a text to 0117-325-9898 with the message “Hello [object] #reference code.” Then you’ll receive some questions to answer. Presuming someone has previously woken that object up, you’ll get to hear what he had to say. If not, your response will be stored for the next person who walks on by.

This launches tomorrow, so if you find yourself in Bristol, help kick it off. It’s a fascinating idea, but one that will only work better as more people become involved. If you’re not in Bristol but am curious what sorts of things folks are writing, Hello Lamp Post’s website displays some question/answer combos in real time.

Hopefully, this idea will soon spread to American cities. The infrastructure is already laid. All that’s needed is some interested people to actually set it up.

If all of this still sounds confusing, check out the video below.

Hello Lamp Post, Via Reddit

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