Raspberry Pi-powered microwave can accept voice commands

Household kitchen devices powered by Raspberry Pi are becoming all the rage. We just posted about an espresso machine that translates texts into foamy, caffeinated treats. But if coffee’s not your thing, maybe Hot Pockets are. Luckily, developer Nathan Broadbent has figured a way to turn his microwave into a, well, a really fancy talking microwave.

As you probably guessed, he used Raspberry Pi to create the Raspberry Picrowave. And it does everything you would hope it does: updates its clock online (oooh), using a barcode scanner to pull cooking instructions form a database he is currently creating (ahhh), understands voice commands (whoa), can be controlled from your phone and even tweets at you when it’s done warming up your burrito or whatever.

This is a DIY project, but the video below does get you wondering about the future of microwaves. Personally, I look forward to a day when I can converse with my kitchen appliances.

Lonely as that makes me sound …

Nathan Broadbent, Via TechCrunch

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