Virtual Lolita traps pervs stalking young girls in chat rooms

If you want to stop online sexual predators from targeting children, one method is to go undercover posing as an underage person, Chris Hansen-style. Unfortunately it's pretty easy for an adult to slip up while pretending to be a kid. Just one reference to how much you loved Dirty Dancing when it came out and your cover could be blown.

Negobot has been developed by researchers in Spain to avoid those problems by responding just like any teenage girl might, including common spelling mistakes and the latest Internet shorthand. It can take on any of seven online personalities depending on how the chat proceeds, and can mimic any age from 12 to 16. Unlike previous attempts at chatbots, Negobot can take the lead in conversations, and uses what's known as "game theory" to respond and lead the chat in a natural way.

So far Negobot has been tested successfully in some Google chatrooms, and Spanish police are said to be interested.

Check out the video below to see Taiwan's Next Media's typically humerous take on Negobot.

Via, BBC News


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