Terra Motors unveils world's first iPhone-connected electric scooter

The process of bringing electric cars into the mainstream is moving along pretty rapidly, but if you want to ride the city streets using electric power right now without spending a fortune, your options are somewhat limited. To address this market opportunity, Japanese company Terra Motors has unveiled an option that marries the form factor of a traditional scooter with the popular, yet still developing technology of smartphones.

Terra Motor's A4000i essentially makes your iPhone your electric vehicle dashboard by allowing you to view your battery charge information, mileage, and current speed on the device in real-time. According the vehicle's developers, future versions of the scooter will also harness the iPhone's GPS abilities to allow riders to view mapping information.

The vehicle's top speed is 60 miles per hour and it has a range of roughly range of 40 miles per charge. Given those specs, it's not likely anyone would use the vehicle for any serious travel needs, but as a commuter tool, those numbers are sufficient for most needs. Another useful feature of the vehicle is its removable lithium-ion battery, which can be charged in just under five hours.

Although there are other prototype vehicles with similar iPhone connectivity, Terra claims this is the first mass produced scooter to offer such a feature. The first of a limited run of 2,000 will go on sale at the end of this year for $4,500, however, the company says it plans to focus its sales efforts on Asia for the time being.


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