Road To Mecha lets you explore Google Street View in a cockpit

Hacking Google Maps and Google Street View has become something of a developer sport, resulting in a number of fascinating projects that re-contextualize the company's mapping data in clever new ways. The latest addition to this tradition takes Google's Street View and mashes it up with a few popular video games.

Created by Jonathan Zawada, Road To Mecha puts you in the virtual cockpit of three different video games, including Mechwarrior, Hawken and Miner Wars, all while you drive through the seemingly endless roads of Google Street View. In some ways this maps mashup is reminiscent of the controversial Google Shoot View, which Google swiftly took down a few years ago.

But in this case, there's no shooting functionality, with the focus being on the design of cockpit framing the real world rather than on virtually targeting various locations around the world. So hopefully, Google will allow this particular mapping hack to remain active.

But in case it doesn't, you should take Road To Mecha for a spin yourself here.


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