iPad case doubles as a piano-style musical keyboard

Of all the tablets on the market, whether you like the lofty sentiments of Apple's product strategy or not, the iPad is clearly the leading device in its category. But most of the enhancements to the device are software-based, with only a few companies daring to create significant hardware add-ons to Apple's precious mobile computer. Now a San Francisco-based start-up called Miselu has decided to introduce a bold piece of hardware that can instantly turn your iPad into an analog-style music device.

Miselu's C.24 functions both as a sleek carrying case and as an amazingly functional musical keyboard once you dock your iPad and connect it to the device via Bluetooth. The two octave wireless keyboard also has a pitch bend strip and a set of eight buttons that allow the player to control the piano-style keyboard's octave assignments.

Of course, some will point out that the iPad already features a pretty good virtual music keyboard operated by touchscreen, but for many musicians, nothing beats feeling the actual keys underneath the fingers, whether the sounds emitted are produced via MIDI or real piano strings.

Those who sign up to purchase the device early as a part of the company's Kickstarter campaign can snag the device, slated for delivery in November, for just $99 here. In the meantime, you can see the C.24 in action in the video below.

Via Kickstarter

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