Gallery: This floating island is China's museum of the future

Designed to be a sprawling, artistic olive branch extended from China to Taiwan, the Pingtan art museum has just broken ground. Pingtan Island, where the museum is being constructed, is some of the closest Chinese soil to Taiwan. It is on this island that design firm MAD Architects has drawn up a serene, floating art museum.

Looking like something between a massive lily pad and a flying saucer, the Pingtan art museum will sprawl across over 130,000 square feet of man-made island. This island will sit within a bay located on the less-man-made Pingtan Island itself. There, over 1,000 Chinese national treasures will be on display, right alongside modern works.

Pingtang art museum and the island it's next to are planned to become a center for cultural and monetary exchange between the two, um, nations. Pingtan Island, currently occupied by a military base, will evolve into a center of peaceful urban development. Check out the gallery below to see what MAD Architects believe the museum and island will look like when the transformation is complete.

MAD Architects, via Dezeen

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