This funky scooter folds down to the size of a carry-on

Credit: MOVEO

Commuting into the city can be a pain. Traffic jams are inevitable and maddening. Commuter rail is fine, but nobody really wants to leave their car in a vacant lot all day. Walking is fine, too — if you're Forrest Gump.

Oh, if only there were a sleek, portable means of conveyance that could solve such a dilemma. Just kidding, there totally is and it's called MOVEO. Looking like something straight out of the 1970s, MOVEO is a lightweight, electric scooter that can travel with you wherever you need to go.

Weighing in at just over 55 pounds, Moveo is quite possibly the lightest folding electric scooter ever invented. With a quick-charging battery and a max speed of 28 mph, the MOVEO is well equipped to be an around-town scooter. But exactly which town you tool around with MOVEO is up to you. Throw it in the trunk of your car and take it camping. Fold it up and hop on the cross-country express. Wherever you land, you'll have your own set of wheels to show you around.

MOVEO has a range of 22 miles per charge, but can come equipped with a range-doubling spare battery and can be charged in just an hour. If you'd like one of your own, you'll have to wait until July 20, when MOVEO starts funding over on Jump Start City. Then you'll be able to pick one up for Just under $5,500.

Via Jump Start City

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