This little gesture-controlled cube wants to be your next mouse

The computer mouse's days are numbered — that much is certain. Ever since motion-capture devices like Leap Motion and the Kinect showed up on the market, the writing has been on the wall. Now, a new option has hit Kickstarter and it just might give Leap Motion a run for its money.

Skymouse is a plug-and-play motion controller which requires minimum setup. There's also very little to learn as far as how you go about using the Skymouse. The same gestures you're used to using while giving yourself carpal tunnel via your traditional mouse all work with Skymouse.

While you do have to wear finger bands to use Skymouse, the level of inconvenience they present when compared to using a traditional mouse are minimal. There are also plans to adapt a second generation of Skymouse to function without the finger bands.

As of the writing of this article, early adopter kits are still available on Skymouse's Kickstarter page for $70, a price which will save you a cool $10 off the price of Leap Motion. Dev kits are also available, priced at $180. With these, you get not only the plans and hardware to create your own Skymouse, but you will get to become part of the team which designs and refines future versions of the Skymouse.

Kickstarter, via Gizmag

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