LG intros world's thinnest smartphone screen

With all the attention currently being directed toward wearable computers like smartwatches, developments in the smartphone space seem to have slowed to an incremental pace, with few companies introducing revolutionary ideas or functions in the last year. LG is hoping to distinguish itself with a development that could inject new life into the smartphone space. 

Today the company unveiled what it claims is the world's thinnest full HD LCD panel for a smartphone. The 5.2-inch panel is just 2.2 millimeters thin framed by a 2.3 millimeter bezel. The super thin panel was created using dual flexible printed circuit places between the panel and the touch film, thus reducing the panel lines by 30 percent.

The company believes the new form factor will make its smartphones lighter and easier to grip. Whether such developments will help LG to significantly boost it profile in the face of increased competition from fellow Korean player Samsung and the likes of Apple isn't clear, but the sheer novelty of such a thin handset could go a long way. LG has not yet announced when the screens will make it into commercial products for sale to the public.

Via LG

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