ISS astronaut shows how to wash your hair in space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield rose to extraterrestrial fame for his informative behind-the-scenes looks at what it's like living in space, exposing all manner of mundane factoids that most of us were never aware of.

But now that Hadfield is back on Earth (and retired) there's no reason to stop the educational dispatches from the International Space Station (ISS). To that end, astronaut Karen Nyberg has decided to pick up the space living baton and show us how to wash your hair in space.

The process appears to be a delicate yet exceedingly simple operation, consisting of a water bottle with a special nozzle to apply liquid to the scalp, a towel, and a comb. During the entire process, Nyberg's hair floats rather humorously above her head as if an electric shock had been applied. However, for the squeamish, here's where the dark side of space living crops up.

According to Nyberg, the water still in her hair slowly dries, evaporates, becomes humidity in the air, and then gets suck inside the ISS air conditioning system where it gets turned into — you guessed it — drinking water! No one said being an astronaut was for the germaphobic.

You can check out Nyberg's gravity-free hygiene tutorial in the video below.

Via insideISS

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