Netherlands to roll out largest EV charging network on the planet

Proponents of the fossil fuel industry have been fighting what's looking to be a losing battle against those who would have the world's drivers switch to EVs (electric vehicles). Now those advocates of electric vehicles just got a another international boost with the announcement of the largest EV fast-charging network scheduled to launch in the Netherlands.

Spearheaded by ABB in conjunction with Fastned, the network will be comprised of 200 fast-charging stations located no more than 31 miles apart, essentially making electric car operation in the country just as viable as the gas alternative. Each station will allow the driver to charge up their vehicle in roughly 15 to 30 minutes, all while they wait under the station's solar panel-laden canopy.

And, unlike some proprietary systems, the stations will be able to serve most major automobile brands from the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Commenting on the rollout, Fastned founder Bart Lubbers said:

"This countrywide network of locations will lay the basis for the commercially viable development of e-mobility. I foresee a race towards faster charging and larger batteries throughout the car industry."

The beginnings of the network are slated to start going up in September, with completion of the entire network scheduled for 2015. You can learn a bit more about the vision behind the network from Hans Streng, the head of ABB's vehicle infrastructure unit, in the video below.


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