Meet the man with a battery-operated brain

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Cyber AJ, the man with a battery-operated brain, has Parkinson's disease. Diagonosed four years ago at the age of 35, Cyber AJ underwent an incredible surgical procedure that has recently given him a second chance at a more normal life. It also turned him into a cyborg.

You see, Cyber AJ has a series of electrodes embedded deep in his brain. They're connected to a central unit the size of a stopwatch, which is in turn wired to a pacemaker in his chest. None of this, however, is readily apparent when you look at Cyber AJ. All the electronics and their wiring are internal, except for AJ's remote control.

With his remote control, Cyber AJ can dial up or down the electrical current being sent into his brain. It's that current, along with medication, that allows him to function normally on a day-to-day basis.

In the video below, AJ shows off just how dramatic an effect on his symptoms the implant has been. When he turns it off, the results are both dramatic and instantaneous. AJ's tremors return, his speech begins to halt and he nearly drops his remote. The system of cyborg implants which keep AJ going clearly do their job quite well.

The case of Cyber AJ and his battery-powered brain is not a unique one. The procedure is a tried and true treatment for Parkinson's disease. But it doesn't always work so wondrously as it did for Cyber AJ. That being said, there's at least one cyberman out there who's battery-operated future is brighter, thanks to his new wiring.

Youtube, via Singularity Hub

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