Make your own GIF selfies with new 'face to gif' app

Weird reaction GIFs have got to be one of the best selfie loopholes. Yeah, you're still sharing images of your face, but no one looks cute in a GIF. That means you probably won't get harassed for being self-absorbed and it's great fun.

With that in mind, Horia Dragomir developed 'face to gif.' It's a webapp that makes it so incredibly easy to make and share GIFs. Just visit Dragomir's site and the app interacts with your webcam to turn video footage into a GIF loop. From there, you can make edits or send your creation directly to imgur.

Yep, that's me testing out the app below. Make your own and share it with us on Facebook or @dvice.

Oh, and don't forget to try out a GIF optimizer if your file is too big.

Via The Verge

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