12,000 glowing orbs make up spectacular interactive exhibit

WHITEvoid created this "sculpture in motion" called FLUIDIC for Hyundai’s Advanced Design Center exhibit at Milan Design Week. 12,000 individual spheres were suspended from the ceiling with string, and eight laser projectors were placed at strategic points around the hanging orbs to achieve that surreal glow.  

The laser projectors moved around during the exhibit to form unique patterns on the spheres. Here's more on FLUIDIC's dazzling display from the creators themselves:

The installation comes with multiple 3D camera tracking systems that are able to analyze the presence of the visitors, their positions and posture. All joints of the human body are recognized and tracked by the systems constantly. This enables precise three-dimensional interactions with the graphics and elements of the cloud.

Before you dismiss this installation for being nothing more than a bunch of dangling translucent balls, first take a peek at the video and gallery.

Vimeo and My Amp Goes to 11, via My Modern Met

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