In 100,000 years, we'll all look like scared teddy bears

Credit: Nickolay Lamm

In 100,000, we may have finally discovered alien life. Then again, we may merely look like alien life. At least, that’s what an artist and a computational geneticist think.


Nickolay Lamm, the former, and Dr. Alan Kwan of Washington University, the latter, decided to figure out what humans would look like in 100,000 years presuming our history continues on the path it seems to be on.


And man, do we look strange.


The first major difference between homo sapiens of today and those predicted of tomorrow are the sheer size of our heads. Like Seinfeld’s Elaine, we’ll all have cause to be sensitive about our head size since our brains will be larger thus needing a bigger case.


Those larger brains will come in handy too, as they’ll help us conquer some more advanced aspects of space travel. Colonization is key in this scenario, as the new environments will cause some other major changes.


First, our eyes will grow to anime-level caricatures (i.e. they’ll be enormous) to handle the dimmer environments as we live further and further from the Sun. Though this might seem odd at first glance, our skin will have more pigmentation for the same reason: we’ll be further from the Sun, therefore we’ll lose the protection of Earth’s ozone.


Finally, we’ll need thicker eyelids and a “more pronounced supercilliary arch to alleviate the effects [of] low or no gravity that disrupt and disorient the eyesight of today’s astronauts on the ISS.”


And, of course, the face will be generally hotter: stronger lines, straighter noses, and an adherence to that old golden ratio and perfect symmetry.


And thus you end up with those frightening, teddy-bear looking people in the photo above.


Neatorama, via What’s Hot


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