Video: Giant geodesic dome robot runs on solar and wind power

Last month's Bay Area Maker Faire delivered its usual collection of inspiring inventions from a number of independent hardware tinkerers and software developers pushing the boundaries of technology. However, one creation stood out from the rest because, simply put, it looks like something from another planet.

Created by commercial welder Scott Parenteau, the Walking Pod is essentially a robotic geodesic dome propelled forward by 12 creepy crab-like legs. The vehicle runs on 800 watts of power, assisted by a roof-mounted solar panel to trickle charge its batteries, as well as a wind turbine for a little extra boost. The entire contraption, made from scrap metal and industrial dishwasher parts, took Parenteau about three months to put together from design to construction.

If this thing had appeared on the streets just a few decades ago many would assume alien invasion, but the truth of the Walking Pod is that it's hardly menacing in terms of its capabilities. The vehicle, which weighs 1,800 pounds, or about the same weight as a small commuter car, can only travel at speeds of .02 miles per hour. Bummer. Still, imagine the crowds this thing would draw sitting in your driveway instead of a car.

You can see the Walking Pod in action in the video below.

Via Tested

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