Smart dog collar lets us know how Fido is feeling

The Whistle Dog Collar is a smart collar that tracks your pet dog's activity (or lack thereof) throughout the day. For $99.95, the San Francisco start-up responsible for this cute, perhaps slightly excessive gizmo will send you a small wireless sensor that clips to collars and keeps an eye on Fido whenever you want. All the information is logged on your smartphone or web app so you can review it at your leisure.

The purpose of Whistle isn't to shame your pooch for sleeping most of the time you were at work, though. Instead it watches for patterns and if it notices that your dog is snoozing more than usual, there might be a reason. The data collected by this on-collar monitor can be sent to your vet to make sure your pet is getting great care.

The Whistle Dog Collar is available for pre-order now, and while it might seem a bit over the top, folks do love their pets. Oh, and since Whistle had a bunch of dog pictures on their site, we took some screenshots and made a small gallery below just because.

Whistle, via ABC News

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